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Copper Canyon

Located in a cove on the west side of the lake, this very popular destination accessed only by boat. The cove is a no wake zone and an emergency boat traffic corridor is temporarily in place during holiday weekends. Anchor mooring is typical, but you can also secure to trees lining the hard rock shoreline.

Copper Canyon is a fun, relaxing and a rewarding dive location. The canyon walls provide lots to explore and the cove floor is known to have many lost treasures from the boaters above.  Shoreline is hard rock which slopes to a flat silt covered bottom. With it’s average depth of 30′ and enclosed by shoreline on three sides, it is a good dive for the recreational diver. Some areas have vertical walls extending from surface to the bottom. Interesting and rugged rock formations abound.

Coordinates: 34.425921, -114.307815

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