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Annual Underwater Channel Cleanup

DIVE LIKE MIKE Day Saturday morning, Lake Havasu Divers Association with 19 divers spent a total of 15 and a half hours underwater cleaning the Bridgewater Channel from the London Bridge south to Thompson Bay. We renamed the event DIVE LIKE MIKE in honor of Mike Riddle who passed away this week and was a beloved member.

We also had 52 land volunteers from Sea Scout Ship 450, Girl Scout Troop 1585, Cub Scout Pack 992, ASU, London Bridge Yacht Club, LHHS and Thunderbolt Middle School Renaissance clubs, assisted top side.

Most notable finds golf balls, sunglasses, beads, three Keep Out signs, frisbee, 3 garbage cans, 305 beer cans, 33 soda cans and lots of solo cups. A note that Coors light (159) beat out Bud Light (91) in cans this year.

Special thanks to Donut Post, Callahan’s Southside Dairy Queen, Mohave State Bank, Romer Beverage, LHPD and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

We are going to try to make arrangements to clean north of the bridge to Crazy Horse next year since we finally have a handle on the trash on this side of the bridge. I will keep you posted! Thank you again, we really appreciated everyones help in making this a great cause and a cleaner lake.

Yours in safe diving,

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